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EasyDVDEdit - простой редактор DVD (англ. версия)

EasyDVDEdit is a very simple tool that makes possible to change languages of audio tracks without complicated remuxing process.

Program credo — user (a movie lover) haven't got to know the inner structure of the DVD at all.

So, firstly you have to tell EasyDVDEdit where your DVD files lies on hard disk drive. After you choose folder with DVD content, program will tell you the languages of each audio track can be found on DVD. EasyDVDEdit automatically recognizes VTS contains main movie (i.e. film itself). And then you can change tracks language - yet between russian and english. In the next versions I'll put into program all possible languages for DVD (there are 32). By the DVD standards, one DVD-Video set can handle no more than eight audio tracks. So EasyDVDEdit lets you can change all all them. After you have done all operations this audio tracks, simply press "Save all changes to DVD". That's all. Now your film audio tracks have right language markings.

Limitations in this first version:

- only 20 VTS sets in one DVD supported
- you can switch between only two languages: RUS/ENG

In the next versions:

- will be all 32 languages, that DVD standards can handle
- support for subtitles

Download EasyDVDEdit from avtonomer.net

EasyDVDEdit is freeware, written by Roman Orloff (2008-2009).

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